InstaCash Your House, LLC is a real estate investment company in Chula Vista, California.

We buy houses from sellers who need instant cash.

We pay in cash within 21* business days.

We cover your closing costs.

Sell Your House

Who We Help

We can help in any distressed situation!

Financial hardship


Major damage & repairs

Inherited property

Absentee owner

Urgent relocation


Traditional InstaCash Your House
Closing costs You pay 2-3% of purchase price We pay all closing costs
Commissions You pay realtor 3-6% of purchase price Not applicable if it is a direct sale to us
Repairs required Negotiated during inspection or you have to spend money to make your house presentable for sale We’ll buy it as is and take care of the repairs
Cleaning You pay and waste time We’ll take care of it
Number of buyer viewings Numerous views from non-serious buyers who waste your time +/- 3* times
Time to sell +/- 60 days depending on the market condition +/- 7* business days regardless of market condition
Closing date after you accept offer +/- 45 days depending on buyer’s traditional loan application with the probability of getting denied +/- 14* business days because we pay in cash
Total timeline +/- 105 days or 3.5 months +/- 21* business days
Financial education for your future None FREE personal finance program worth $130 (optional)

How It Works

InstaCash Your House in 5 easy steps!*

Step 1
Call (619) 754-9353 to submit your information. Receive a call within 2 business days for verification and qualification.
Step 2
If qualified, we’ll view your house.
Step 3
Receive cash offer within 2 business days from viewing.
Step 4
If you accept cash offer, we sign the Purchase & Sale Agreement, open escrow and submit cash deposit through escrow. We do our due diligence during this period.
Step 5
If everything is good, we close escrow (or on your preferred date). Congratulations! You just InstaCashed Your House!

*Disclaimer: The timeline and contents stated within this website are for example purposes, only. Every real estate deal is unique and will be governed by the terms of a fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement between the Seller and InstaCash Your House, LLC. Nothing on this website shall be construed as an offer from InstaCash Your House, LLC to buy any particular parcel of real estate.