Are there any upfront or hidden fees?

None. You won’t cash out anything from your pocket.

Do I pay the closing costs?

No. We pay for all closing costs. Traditionally, both buyer and seller pay their share in closing costs. But with us, we pay all closing costs.

Do I pay any commission?

No. There’s no agent/broker if you sell directly to us, hence, no commission to pay.

How does it work and when do I get paid?

Please refer to the How It Works table.

My house is not in good condition. Will you still buy it?
Yes! We buy in any physical condition.

I’m behind my mortgage payments! How can you help me?

You want to avoid foreclosure because it will put a red flag on your credit report and will hinder you from borrowing in the next three years. Depending on how late you are on your payments, we help you by simply cashing out your house which you use to pay off your mortgage and liens to avoid foreclosure. We then offer you a free 9-session financial program so you don’t get in the same financial rut again.

Where do you buy houses?

Right now we are looking for houses within the South Bay County of San Diego which includes the cities of Chula Vista, National City, Paradise Hills, Bonita, Imperial Beach and Otay Mesa.

What do you do to the houses you buy?

We fix & flip and/or wholesale to our partner investors.

Are you a registered company?

Yes. Instacash Your House, LLC was formed in Nevada and registered in California as a limited liability company. You may verify by doing a business search on both states’ Secretary of State websites: https://esos.nv.gov/EntitySearch/OnlineEntitySearch and https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov